Educational Sales

The OUR AMERICAN FAMILY team is partnering with GOOD DOCS on educational distribution for this film. This award-winning documentary is now available for licensing to the following institutions:

  • Universities
  • Four-year Colleges
  • High schools
  • Community colleges

Please visit this website for more details about buying or renting the film for use at an educational institution. Or you can contact the GOOD DOCS team. If you’re interested in hosting a screening with the documentary participants or the filmmakers for a speech and screening event, please email


In order to screen a film at an educational institution, public performance rights (PPR) must be secured. PPR permits screenings in a classroom or library when no admission is charged. Those rights can be purchased for a limited time (14 days) or permanently (perpetual streaming or DVD). There are different prices for internal screenings (for use in a class) or public screenings (open to the general public).

No. In order to use this film for any kind of institutional classroom, group or public screening, you need to secure public performance rights and purchase through GOOD DOCS.

We are working with a distribution company – GOOD DOCS – to handle rentals and sales to educational institutions. You can learn more details here.

Visit GOOD DOCS for the pricing of OUR AMERICAN FAMILY.

Yes. You can fill out the form here or please contact for more information about Purchase Orders (PO).